Giving Thanks, and giving yourself permission!

For woman here in Canada, the upcoming long week-end is Thanksgiving, and for many it will be spent with family and friends. Many of us may traveling, or even hosting this year and planning to do a whole lot of cooking, while others may be spending it alone. Whatever your plans are for this long week-end, we would like to suggest that you throw a little self care into some of your recipes!

Regardless of where we are in our cycle, every woman needs a little self care, although when we are close to, and during our bleeding times, we need a lot more if it!

Since Moon Mysteries came out and more and more women are having the opportunity to read it we are hearing that some of their favorite aspects was the suggestion to give themselves full permission to take time away from family and responsibilities if only for an hour or two!

Honoring your moon cycle and taking time for self care need not be complicated, it can be as simple as having a bath with some special oils in it, or deciding to have a a cup of tea and to drink it without getting up to do anything for anyone else! Try going to a room in the house where there are no distractions except perhaps your book, or a magazine you want to read, and then sit down and drink your entire cup of tea without getting up, ignore the phone and allow your body to relax. You may notice the first time you try this that it is actually harder then it looks, but that is ok, just try again! This is the kind of assignment that is fun to practice!

Taking time out gets harder as we move into any kind of family situation and gathering as there is often all sorts of other factors at play. But usually these types of holidays are the ones we need to care of ourselves the most. For example by the time we get to the Thanksgiving long week-end we are usually exhausted from the business of September, more so, if we have kids! Many of us really look forward to the time off because we really need it, but dread the dynamics that usually play out when family gathers.                                                        Whatever your reality is this Thanksgiving year there really is so much to be grateful for, and if we can keep this in mind it really helps. If we manage to take it one step further and give ourselves full permission to be in our bodies accepting of where they are at in our cycle, this can also take a lot of the stress off ourselves. If you are in your Pre moon time and feeling cranky–allow yourself to be cranky and announce to your family that you need a “Time-out”! Take a walk, or grab a cup of tea and get out of the main living area where everyone gathers and catch some alone time!

If you are bleeding and feeling crampy, give yourself permission for a deeply relaxing and hot bath, this actually soothes and eases menstrual cramps, if you take in a cup of raspberry leaf tea with you, all the better!

It is easy to make a simple bath sacred.

Here is our special recipe for self care

1 pinch of self forgiveness

a dash of permission

2 shakes of self love

a handful of good books

2-3 cups of tea

1 long drawn out bath filled with any of the following:

Bath salts, lavender, rose petals, essential oils.

Soak for as long as needed, and then present to the world!

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