Moon Cycle Chart

THE MOON’S MYSTERY IS ALSO WOMAN’S MYSTERY. That is the undeniable connection that exists between the female body and the moon, that which is beyond mental comprehension, that which is the esoteric wisdom of the female experience because of her ability to bleed.

Our connection to the moon awakens us to the sacredness of menstruation and reminds us that to bleed with the moon, to cycle with the rhythms of the earth, is a part of the experience of being born female. This is the miraculous and mysterious birth rite of all women.

When you begin to chart your menses in relationship to the moon, you begin a journey into yourself. You become aware that your body, like the earth, is connected to a timeless universal pattern that has been marveled at since the very beginning.

How to use the Moon Cycle Chart

Moon Cycle Menstrual Chart
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1. There are 30 moons on each chart; they have been colored in black ink to show the different phases of the moon over the course of one lunar cycle, or one menstrual cycle. The black moon indicates the new moon and the white moon indicates the full moon. The moons that appear in between the new and the full moons show the moon either waxing to full, or waning back to new.

2. To begin using this chart you will need to find out which phase the moon is in on Day 1 of your cycle. Day 1 of your cycle is the first day that you begin bleeding. To find out which phase the moon is in on Day 1, you simply look up the date you begin bleeding in a lunar calendar. For example: If you get your period on January 12th you look to your lunar calendar to find out the phase that the moon on January 12th. Once you know this, you can write the days and corresponding dates of your cycle into your chart according to the images of the moon provided in the Moon Chart. We recommend We-Moon’s Lunar calendar, although there are plenty of lunar calendars on the internet to.

3. The days of your cycle are recorded in the section of the chart entitled day.

4. The corresponding dates of your cycle are recorded in the section of the chart entitled date.

5. The section entitled “physical being” is where you record the changes occurring in your body.

6. The section entitled “emotional being” is where your record the changes occurring your emotional being.

7. You have also been provided with space for a legend, should you decide to create symbols to represent the physical and emotional changes your experiencing throughout your cycle. Some women find that drawing the symbols on the chart takes up less space than actual words. However, if words speak to you more than symbols, then don’t hesitate to go that route.

8. The blank space beside each moon has been provided for those women who are interested in recording the astrological sign of each moon.

10. Good Luck! And Welcome to a whole new way of knowing yourself