Moon Light

Painting by Peter Nixon

Oh the moon.  Last night it made me want to howl when I saw it almost falling out of the sky into a farmer’s field, three days past full.  What is it about the moon when it hangs, like an over-ripe fruit, heavy and orange, that threatens to take your breath away?  These past few nights, the moon has been so bright that I can see my shadow on the grass when I am outside below it. When I wake in the night I sometimes think that there is a carnival outside my window and a spotlight shining down.  Two nights ago, on the moon’s fullest eve, I went outside barefoot in my nightgown, because I thought Mark had forgotten to turn the outside light off, but all I found was a shimmering moon and a sky full of stars.

Painting by Samuel Palmer

After 10 years of living in the city, I forgot what the night sky looks like when there is no other light keeping the sky bright aside from the moon and the stars.  Many studies have shown that when women are away from light pollution their blood cycles quickly synch up with the rhythms of the cycling moon, and I have always found this fascinating.  The correlation between our cycling bodies and that of the moon.  

As I begin my blood now, on a full moon, I have to acknowledge my own body’s response to unobstructed moonlight.  I will be sure to keep you posted with regard to the changes that I note as I chart my cycle with the country moon.  I wonder, what patterns you notice when you bleed on a full moon verses a new moon? Can you say? Have you considered it? I highly recommend it, if you have not, it is a rich territory to wander through.

Over the years I have noticed that when my blood comes on a full moon, I feel wilder and more intense. If I have feelings of anger that I have suppressed over the course of the month, they rise, hot and fierce.  My husband is well aware of this.  It seems that he too has become familiar with my patterns.  He knows not to take me personally when I am bleeding under a full moon…well sometimes.  I also notice that when I bleed on full moons my blood flows more and my periods can be heavier compared to new moon bleeding.  New moon bleeding is usually a little lighter and has me feeling inward, quiet, reflective.  

Yes, indeed, it is a truly remarkable thing.  I never tire of watching the moon or noticing her effects on me.  I have great respect for that glowing orb, and tonight I may go out and tell her myself.  

Moon Blessings To You~



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  1. Danielle Walker says:

    Nao, beautiful writing and beautiful portraits as a proud claim to womanhood….thank you for sharing.