Dreaming Moon

Some weeks ago, I lead a dance workshop for 13 women who were keen to chart their dreams in relationship to the moon-cycles and their personal blood-cycles.  For 8 hours we danced our dreaming experience and it was a powerful and transformative day. 

When I came home from the workshop, I began to look at my own dreams with renewed wonder. What I discovered was fascinating, and if I am to be honest, I would have to say that the landscape of dream-cycles, blood-cycles and moon-cycles has always awed me.  I might also be so bold as to say that working with my dreams in this way is a spiritual practice for me.  The insights that come as a result astonish me.  If you are not in the habit of recording your dreams I urge you to take pen to paper first thing upon waking, and write all that you remember.  Do not judge it, just write what you hear and what you feel, even if you find that you are only left with partial fragments of images lingering after the dream is long gone.  (which is often the case)

I would like to share with you a powerful exercise for dreamwork.  The following has been very helpful for me with my personal journey in the field of dreams. It comes from Jungian psychology and has the potential to bring great insight.  

1) Record your dream first thing upon waking.  Do this by writing all that you remember.  Include every detail. Include what you like and what you do not. Write the whole thing even the parts that seem disgusting, gross or embarrassing.  This is not for anyone else, just you.

2) Once you have written your dream out fully, circle all the nouns you have written (noun= person, place or thing).  Once you have circled the nouns, write what each noun means to you.  For example, if I dreamed of a meadow, I would write adjectives that I personally associate with a meadow.  For me a meadow makes me feel: open, free, alive, soft, fresh, sweet….etc.    

3) Now, once you have done this for all the nouns, re-read your dream with the adjectives you selected in place of the nouns.  So instead of having, I dreamed I was in a meadow.  I would write, “I dreamed I was open, free, alive, soft, fresh and sweet…”

The images that come forth in dreams are a part of the very fabric of who we are.  They are a reflection of what holds meaning to us, they illuminate the un-concious.  Dreams show us the parts of our beings that remain hidden from consiousness in the waking hours.  Dreams bring the aspects of ourselves that are directly linked to soul into the light of day for us to see.  And what is even more facsinating is that this is not only true for us as individuals, but also for us as a collective.  

Carl Jung spoke a great deal about the collective unconscious and Archetypes.  Sharing dreams in circles with other women quickly reveals how connected we are through our dreams. Two of the women that attended my workshop had virtually the same dream, on the same night, when the moon was in the same astrological sign and they were at the same stage in their menstrual cycle.  Now doesn’t that make you pause in wild wonder? Our dreams reveal to us that we are part of a great web of interconnection and as the mystics have said since the very beginning, that we are one.

After you write each dream, be sure to include the day of your menstrual cycle you were on when you dreamed it.  Also, if you feel inspired, include the astrological sign the moon is in.  ( this can be found in any moon calendar, We-Moon is my favorite) You will be surprised to see how much the astrological signs affect our dreams too.  

Recently I dreamed of many fireplaces in a big beautiful house that was mine, but I didn’t recognize it. The fires all needed to be started. The wood was piled and all I needed to do was light a match.  I dreamed this when the moon was in Aries, a fire sign, a sign that represents new beginnings and transformation.  I also dreamed this when I was nearly finished bleeding at a time when my body was shedding and beginning a-new, a very trans-formative time in our cycles.  What this revealed to me is that I was in a transformational process, that I was lighting new creative fires and effortlessly.  That I was shedding the past and entering a new part of myself.  When I woke I realized that the house I was dreaming of was revealing to me that I had out-grown my old dwelling.  I saw that even though I did not fully recognize this new house (because it was bigger and more beautiful than my old) it was where I was to LIVE.   I realized that I was growing and expanding and transforming…just as the house in my dream was.

And so, I will sign off now, but not before urging you my dreaming sisters, to listen to the wisdom of your dreams. The dreamtime is a magical place. A place of great discovery, interconnection, soul healing, insight, creativity and wonder.  As women the dreamtime is directly linked to our blood, which is linked to the moon, which is linked to the infinite. And people say there is no mystery left, who are these people and when is the last time they dreamed?

Bright Blessings,


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  1. Danielle Walker says:

    always beautiful thoughts Nao….

  2. Kristen says:

    Wonderful insights! Thank you.

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  4. Monique Wilson says:

    thank you Nikiah~
    Beautiful advice & wisdom….

  5. Tanis Magnusson says:

    I am trying this as we speak, I can already see how it is interwoven in my life, love it, thanks Nao