Three Women, One Vision

This book is the vision of three women with a deep and wholehearted interest in reclaiming what is mysterious about women’s wisdom. The connection between women and the moon is linked to something more ancient and matriarchal than many of us know, and Moon Mysteries was written to help us reclaim the wisdom that lies there.

Moon Mysteries is filled to the brim with what inspires us most. Because we are interested in the rich history of our female ancestors we researched and explored subjects on the goddess, the etymology of female-based words and ancient matriarchal civilizations. We have been looking for this book for well over a decade. It was born out of conversations based on our own search.

1924682_454180474716017_753847207_nNao Sims

Nao Sims studied English Literature at the University of Victoria. She is a teacher of women’s sacred dance and a beekeeper. Nao lives on Vancouver Island with her husband Mark, and their beloved dog Gus.





Nikiah Seeds

Nikiah Seeds has been working in the realm of woman’s spirituality for the past 17 years. She is an ordained minister and priestess dedicated to honoring the divine feminine through ancient shamanic ways of being. This expression is best seen through her shamanic drums, ceremonies and her mystery school. Nikiah also practices sacred beekeeping and lives on the West Coast of Canada with her husband and their two children.




10847817_655548474556654_3896816907461693136_nEyan Myers

Eyan Myers has long celebrated powerful feminine elements and imagery in her artwork. Having studied fine art at Okanagan University and illustration and design at Capilano University, Eyan currently works as an Art Director while illustrating and painting for public exhibition. Eyan lives in Vancouver Canada with her son.







About the Book

Moon Mysteries is a unique and beautiful combination of breathtaking images, ancient matriarchal teachings and personal stories. Sims and Seeds boldly address the menstrual disconnect that women have been undergoing for centuries, but not without offering remedies to heal this split. Moon Mysteries invites all women to reclaim the wild and inherent menstrual wisdom that is their birth right.

“Like the ancient ‘incubation’ temples of the Bee Goddess, that proliferated across Old Europe, Minoan Crete, and Pre-Socratic Greece, this book provides a place to safely wander, gather strength, rest, recover the sacred Self, restore spiritual power, and dream.”
Yvonne Owens, PhD Author of Journey to the Bard and The Witches Book of Days.

The concept of 13 moons, or chapters, came from an old 1810 Farmers Almanac, in which each moon of the lunar year was outlined and given a name to describe the season associated with its cycle.

Each chapter of our book is dedicated to exploring a component of the female psyche as it relates to the blood cycle. It has been said that healers of indigenous traditions not only prescribe medicinal tinctures for their patients’ healing, but they also suggest certain images for the patients to meditate upon.

These images are known to be medicine for the soul. It is with this sentiment in mind that our book has been illustrated and we believe that the illustrations found within are a vital part of the reader’s experience.

It is our sincere hope that Moon Mysteries will remind women everywhere of the sacredness of the blood cycle. The connection between women and the moon reveals a mysterious and inherent wisdom that is a part of all women, and has been, since the most ancient of times.

Nao, Nikiah, & Eyan